11 Tips to Choose the Right Office Printers

11 Tips to Choose the Right Office Printers [Expert Advice]

Printers are an important asset for many businesses. Did you know that in 2020, the market size for printers was valued at over $9 billion? Research shows that it could reach more than $13 billion by 2030.

With millions of printers available readily, choosing an appropriate one for your office or business can be a tedious process. Even if you find the right office printers in Ireland, you have to be sure that it gives maximum return on investment.

While it is important to select a printer that completes all the jobs relating to document handling, you also don’t want unnecessary features. In this blog, we give you 11 tips for choosing suitable office or business printers. Go on and read ahead.

11 Tips To Choose Ideal Office Printers in Ireland

An ideal printer is frequently as distinctive as the individual or business using it, just like other modern technological products. There are numerous types of printers available in the industry today, ranging from straightforward machines to high-speed juggernauts.

While purchasing a printer, there is one crucial point to bear in mind: your long-term results. It will significantly impact the business. Here are the tips to help you choose suitable office printers in Ireland.

1. Know what features you need in a printer

As we mentioned before, there are endless options for printers for commercial purposes. Therefore, it’s important to know what features your company needs in a printer. We have listed down some of them for you-

  • Inkjet, smart tank, or laser printers

    While all of them have wonderful features, it all comes down to the company’s needs and cost. Inkjet printers merge the ink colours more perfectly than their laser printing rivals. They often have cheaper startup costs and create pictures of superior quality. Also, many are petite in build, making it easier for them to fit in office spaces.

    Laser printers have a high printing volume, which is good for offices, while inkjet is better for home use as it is slower and has calibration issues.

    Smart tank printers use both- ink and toner tanks to reduce replacement needs and offer a significantly more time and resource-effective print process. Tank solutions are perfect for small to semi-sized enterprises looking to streamline because they can produce thousands of printed pages. Weigh the pros and cons of each and then make a decision.

  • Monochromatic or colour

    Several printers print in colour more quickly than in black and white. A realistic, detailed depiction in colour takes more time to print on most machines. Colour printing, especially with pictures and photos exhibits greater intricacy than plain black text with a blank white area.

    Thankfully, the difference is often only a few. This disparity is also growing less with modern printers as technology advances. With whatever equipment you consider, look at both the dpi and ppm figures if you frequently generate coloured prints.

  • Single or multifunctional printer

    Do you intend to use the printer to scan and fax? A multifunction printer is better off if the needs go beyond simple printing tasks. Such office equipment offers to print, fax, and scan in a single device. An inkjet printer is an ideal option for your office if all you have to do is print.

  • Print volume

    Note the print volume before choosing the right one. If you need to print less than a ream (500 sheets) of paper each month, a laser printer is not necessary. Choose an inkjet printer if your organisation is small and prints fewer pages each month. A laserjet printer would be most useful if a large amount of printing is done.

  • Print speed 

    The speed of a printer is vital to the productivity of the company. The page rates of printers vary from 20 to well above 100 pages per minute. You might need to select an elevated alternative to prevent traffic jams based on your printing capacity and how many people depend on the machine.

    While looking for the greatest kind of printer, experts and business customers should constantly consider the ppm figures. You can return to other chores quickly the more pages there are.

2. Price

Budget is an essential factor when purchasing a copier for offices in Ireland. Industrial printers may be pricey assets, so doing your homework and analyzing various vendors and models can help you get the best deal available.

One may always argue that the price is what matters most when making a purchase. Obtaining value for your money is crucial in corporate settings where finances are quite limited.

3. Consider the industry

Some specific industries have distinctive printing needs. For instance, engineers, construction companies or architectural firms need large schematics and blueprints. It can only happen through high-resolution and wide-format printers. Whereas healthcare, law and marketing firms need production printers.

It offers high-resolution, speed output with finishing solutions like creasing, binding, folding, etc. These are more versatile, making it possible for booklets, fliers and posters. It also keeps up with enterprise-level organisations.

4. Size and space

We have often seen offices get cramped up due to large equipment. This is especially true for small companies. Cramped or crowded interiors can lead to lots of issues. You would rather not pick a printer that won’t fit in any of your office’s spaces.

Consider your installation area and how its dimensions or location may affect productivity before you start browsing for printers.

The effectiveness of your office may suffer if you choose a huge printer and have to put it in an awkward location. Fortunately, single-function and multifunction laser & inkjet printers come in small sizes to fit small offices.

So keep this factor in mind before purchasing office equipment in Ireland.

5. Safety

Our ecosystem and how we’re contaminating it are two of the most significant societal challenges. Even worse is the perception that a company is raising the flames by utilising ecologically harmful electrical equipment. Publicity will suffer, and your staff’s health will suffer as well.

Ensure that the industrial printers you purchase include components made of recyclable plastic and emit little noxious gas. Buy the perfect office copier in Ireland accordingly and make a safer surrounding for employees.

6. Ease of use

In any workplace, some people are adept at using technology, while others are less so. Take this into account when buying a printer. Everyone should be able to utilize it. The design should accommodate the least technological person rather than the most knowledgeable one.

The objective here is accessibility; make sure it is simple to log in, connect, and print without requiring users to go through several steps or understand complicated data.

7. Print capability

No matter how big or small a business is, ask a few questions, like how many papers will the copier hold. What page count is supported by its output trays? Can it manage different kinds of paper?

If the company generates extensive print jobs, you might want to think about investing in a more powerful printer with extra space for attached trays or greater capacity conventional trays. Talk about this with the best workplace copier supplier in Ireland and find your ideal match.

8. Brand reputation

The brand plays a huge role in the selection of a copier. While you can research the organisation’s equipment supplier in Ireland, studying a brand is different altogether. Some brands have high reputations and give premium quality results.

But there are several lesser-known brands too, that provide far better deals. Measure the pros and cons of all. Though, in the long run, you could find that a well-known brand’s dependability is less expensive.

9. Network connectivity

Several contemporary printers come equipped with a feature called cloud cover. It permits the business printer to connect with the entire team. It implies that users may connect to their PCs and send files from the printer.

As you do not need to purchase different printers for each workstation, this conserves time and money. Some machines provide wifi and Bluetooth connection for printing too. The supplier of office copiers may know better about it.

10. Security

With businesses that store sensitive data and move a lot of files, user access might be a problem. Make sure that the information is not exposed to external threats. The network connectivity is an essential part of printer security, which usually needs each person to sign in to their accounts and guarantee that data is safeguarded

The majority of contemporary commercial printers feature all these security measures. Thus, find a copier having strong security options for a safer business.

11. Sustainability and eco-friendly

A commercial printer’s durability is one thing you should look for in an office printer. Breakability is no exception to any electronic device. Several companies splurge massive amounts of money on maintenance and repair than purchasing a new one.

Current industrial printers are considerably more dependable, yet be sure to secure a decent guarantee when finalising the printer. Check reports to ensure it is not susceptible to damage.

Aim High With The Right Printing Solution!

With these tips, you can segregate what you need and don’t. Businesses need to find premium office copy machines in Ireland to stay efficient and organised. Munster Business Equipment is the one-stop printing solution in Ireland for you. With outstanding, sustainable and high-end services, you will get the finest printers here no matter the size or type of business.