Prowise iPro lift systems

With the patented Prowise iPro lift systems you can always move the touchscreen to the right place in the classroom or adjust it to the desired height. This way, everyone in the school can have access to it. In terms of security, usability and durability, the iPro lift systems belong to the absolute top class.

Why should you choose a lift?

The lift makes the Prowise Touchscreen mobile and suitable for multiple working, learning and teaching methods. From conventional teaching to learning through play and from student presentations to collaborations. You adjust it to any desired height or move it anywhere in the classroom and even pivot it horizontally into a touch table. This way you engage all pupils in class.

Go for top quality

Prowise was the world’s first to enter the market with a lift that was able to tilt fully horizontally. We have since fully perfected this innovative touch table. Our lifts work together in perfect harmony with our touchscreens, are safe, user friendly and sustainable.


With regard to safety, the Prowise iPro lift systems are among the very best. The lift is equipped with a set of unique double safety wheels and an automatic brake mechanism that only allows movement when it is in its lowest, and thus most stable, position. Sensors recognise obstacles when the lift moves up and down. The lift stops immediately once the sensors detect resistance. Our iPro lift systems are CE and GS certified.

You can operate the iPro lift systems in three ways


With the remote control

From the screen

via Prowise Central

With your feet

via the buttons at the bottom of the lift

Touch table

Create unlimited possibilities for cooperation by tilting the lift. The iPro Toddler Lift can be positioned such, that even the smallest pupils are able to participate. Pupils can gather around the touchscreen, so everyone is engaged and able to participate. With the touch table tools, you can play educational games and combine learning and fun.

You can operate the iPro lift systems in three ways

Energy-efficient systems

Standby mode: 0.1 Wh

Full warranty

5 year full (on-site) warranty

Only one cable

For screen and lift

Prowise iPro Keyboard tray

Created specifically to keep your keyboard, mouse, remote control or pen always within reach.

Make your Touchscreen even more complete

  • Four-panel whiteboard
  • Assembly through VESA clamps
  • Top-quality protection layer
  • Magnetic
  • Full warranty for five years

Dive into the details

iPro Lift Systems align with your wishes to the finest detail and excel in every aspect. Download the specsheet and be convinced!

iPro Wall Lift G2

Movable No
Tiltable to touch table No
Stroke length 950 mm
Maximum load 150 kg
Lift speed  48 mm/s
Certification CE, GS

iPro Mobile Lift

Movable Yes
Tiltable to touch table No
Stroke length 950 mm
Maximum load 130 kg
Lift speed 38 mm/s
Certification CE, GS

iPro Tilt / Toddler Lift

Movable Yes
Tiltable to touch table Yes
Stroke length

800/650 mm

Maximum load 75 kg
Lift speed  38 mm/s
Certification CE, GS

Do you prefer to hang your touchscreen on the wall?

With our Prowise Wall Bracket the IWB is safely and stably suspended in a fixed position in your classroom.