Prowise Central

Whatever Prowise touchscreen model you choose, you always enjoy the unique education benefits of the operating system Prowise Central we developed under Prowise management. The functionalities listed below can be used for free on every screen (no PC module needed) and are used every day by hundreds of thousands of teachers and pupils.

The added value of Prowise Central for education

Education apps

Important applications, always within reach and accessible with the touch of a button.

The Prowise App Store is developed fully under Prowise management. This allows all the apps to work perfectly on the touchscreens and are entirely safe and ad-free.


  • Microsoft Word, Excel and OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams & Skype
  • Google Earth, Meet, Docs and Classroom
  • Netflix, Spotify and YouTube
  • Zoom and Prowise Presenter

These apps can be used without a PC Module, but may differ for each touchscreen model.

Prowise Reflect (AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast)

Share the screen of any device on the Prowise Touchscreen.

Fully wireless, in excellent quality, fast, possibility to secure by pin code, no additional costs or complicated installations.

  • AirPlay (Apple)
  • Chromecast (Chrome OS)
  • Miracast (Windows)
  • Reflect

With our free Prowise Reflect software you can show up to 4 screens at the same time on the touchscreen and even control them on the big screen with the touchback feature.

Download Prowise Reflect for free from our Prowise Service Portal.

Surfing the internet in comfort

The web browser is a functionality you use on a daily basis. The Prowise browser is user friendly, entirely safe, rapid and ad-free. Since it has been developed by our colleagues specially for our touchscreens, you enjoy the optimal user experience, for instance, when playing videos. With the Prowise app generator you convert any website into a web app. These web apps are added to Prowise Central home automatically, so you can always access them easily.

Direct annotation mode

The two supplied pens remember two colours (front and back) and provide a smooth and realistic writing experience. You can write (take notes) over any website, app or input source with the touch of a button. Share notes directly or integrate them in the installed whiteboard software ProNote. This software package also offers ruled and squared paper and mini tools including a ruler.

Biggest benefits of development
under Prowise management

5 year OTA updates

Based on your feedback, we choose which software improvements to implement. For at least the first five years and free of charge we take care of updates for your touchscreens on new features, performance and security. These over-the-air (OTA) updates are installed via 100% safe, local and Prowise-owned servers, without intervention of an administrator. This distinctive approach means your touchscreens can only improve while in use.

Privacy is key in Central

Our hardware, software and firmware are developed completely under Prowise management. This way we are able to promise and meet the highest privacy and security standards. To show that we are on top of things, we regularly allow external independent audits. This is unique in the branch. Recently, Prowise once again obtained the Privacy Verified certification and was rewarded with the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.

Screen Control

With Prowise Screen Control you can manage all your touchscreens from one central point. With the touch of a button you can install apps, push updates or change background images of all your screens in your school or institution. This administration solution is developed under Prowise management and aimed at working optimally on all our touchscreens. Save time, money and energy.

Integrated lift control

Prowise Central is now equipped with fully integrated control of the Prowise iPro Lift system. Due to the user-friendly control buttons in the Prowise Central menu you can instantly adjust the screen to the optimal height. By saving your preferred screen position settings, you easily switch between the most frequently used positions.

Smart gadgets for your future

Eco Mode

In Eco Mode you automatically save energy costs, since the screen uses much less energy. This benefits the environment and your wallet, which saves money that you can invest in education.

Night Mode

The TÜV-certified Blue Light Filter reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the screen to relieve the strain on your eyes. Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in the sleep-wake rhythm of our bodies.


The screen automatically adjusts the brightness according to the incidence of light.