d-Color MF3023 - MF3024

Munster Business Equipment is the top-notch multifunctional printers suppliers in Ireland. We offer high-quality digital printing tools for your business. These multifunctional devices are experts in minimizing cost and increasing business sustainability.

The refurbished and modernized d-Color MF3023 - d-Color MF3024 are equipped with all the followed up to the minute features:

  • Up to 30 A4 pages per minute, mono and colour
  • 1,200 X 1,200 DPI print resolution
  • 7” colour touchscreen
  • Searchable pdf (with Scan Extension kit)


  • Munster Business Equipment delivers outstanding Olivetri A4 colour multifunctional d-Color MF3023 - d-Color MF3024 printing systems.
  • Being the best multi functional printers supplier in Ireland, Munster Business Equipment provides superior-quality printing systems with high-end printing solutions. These devices can deliver up to 30 pages per minute.
  • All this printing equipment has been uniquely designed to achieve the printing urge of a medium-sized workspace.
  • Complying with the most recent environmental standards, these machines provide fast reliable output in both, mono and colour.
  • The advanced solution platform (JAWS) allows information to be shared and resources to be optimised expertly.
  • The Olivetti Mobile Print app supports AirPrint® compatibility enable printing from a smartphone or tablet. In that case, no physical connection to the company network is required (option IB-36).