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Munster Business Equipment offers the best range of interactive touchscreen displays in Ireland. We are committed to delivering an interesting and classy design to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of educational institutes. With our improved interactive screen solutions and enhanced prospects, we meet your digital signage and interactive classroom experience.

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If you are looking for a durable, performance-oriented and value-adding best interactive flat panel in Ireland? Then exclusive solutions by Prowise are a smart choice for you. Being one of the best interactive flat screen panel suppliers, Prowise delivers high-specification interactive touchscreens in Ireland that help institutes include interactive elements within their classes.

Touchscreens for the educational sector are designed to inspire teachers and students alike. With the widespread popularity of the digital classroom, the Interactive Flat Screens For Schools have found their way into the classrooms and are making collaboration and interactivity, an everyday and easily-incorporated feature. Moreover, interactive display solutions have become an essential part of modern education, allowing students to engage with the subject matter and learn at their own pace through interactive activities and simulations. Our products enable you to connect any device to our screen and display any project or book you want to share.

Prowise makes learning easier, more effective and fun !

Our Interactive flat screens for schools are equipped with excellent features that deliver quality and performance within your budget. Being the perfect all-around solution for the modern classroom, we maximize the engagement between teachers and students. With our high-precision technology, we help our educational clients save their time in lesson planning and also enable them to incorporate various learning activities. At Munster Business Equipment, we deliver high-quality Prowise interactive panels guaranteeing anti-glare toughened glass that withstands heavy daily usage.

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Prowise is known for its exclusive range of interactive flat screens in Ireland. Schools, businesses and the government sector are known for upgrading their equipment and ensuring to introduce ease in their service, hence the use of interactive touchscreens in Ireland. The power consumption of a Prowise interactive display is much less as compared with a projector, speaker or even amplifier. With schools and businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprints and spread awareness about a sustainable environment, interactive flat panels are establishing a stronghold in the market.

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Interactive Panels For Education with Munster Business Equipment

Our interactive panels do not require any use of specific pens or pricey replacements. Revolutionizing the classroom culture, the interactive panels for education are incredibly functional and deliver an intuitive walk-up-and-use experience. MBE is also known for interactive flat screens for schools and businesses. It makes technologies simple and easily accessible for all kinds of business functions. The benefits of our interactive flat screens in Ireland include the following:

  • It does not require any unnecessary cables.
  • It does not need any projector maintenance.
  • It does not provide dim images or shadowing.
  • There are no extra speakers required with the interactive flat panels.
  • The screens provide multi-touch handwriting and gestures.

The excellent range of interactive flatscreens in Ireland by Prowise, available with Munster Business Equipment, is known for enhancing the customer experience while improving the efficiency and flexibility of every industry. With our solutions, we enable you to experience and offer enhanced infotainment and interactive features.