Our Greener

The printing industry requires raw materials from the Earth. It is used for making printing equipment and consumables and eventually is thrown away. The process of utilizing the raw materials extracted from the Earth is linear. Under our Greener Printing Programme, we at Munster Business Equipment, aim to stop the waste being produced in the process through our green printing solutions.

The Green Line Life Cycle


Our Greener Printing Programme is based on three principles, driven by design:

The world is now shifting its paradigm towards accessing and acquiring renewable energy and materials. Moving towards a circular economy, we all are actively involved in consuming finite resources and growing towards a sustainable future. It is a process that meets the requirement of the business, people, and the environment. At Munster Business Equipment, we deliver the best eco-friendly printer that strives to cut off your carbon footprint, wherever possible. Having a team of green printing technologies experts, we provide high-end green printing solutions that increase the sustainability of our printers and help our clients to join the circular economy league. MBE is a leading green printing company in Ireland, that guarantees exclusive European Partnership to our clients, allowing them to experience their low-carbon products and solutions. GM is a leading sustainable printing company that helps in the reproduction of premium refurbished photocopiers. It is also the first company to the market in manufacturing the unique R-OEM toner range at an industrial level. The R-OEM toner is 100% original and reclaimed from off-contract machines. Being among the leading environmentally friendly printing companies, GM serves all its clients in 27 EU member states, which include Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, and now in Ireland. MBE exclusively serves the eco printing services for GM in Ireland. The second-hand equipment of the company is sourced in Europe. For their exclusive agreements with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and trade partners in Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, GM only imports the best and most advanced green print technologies. Being a sustainable printing company, we rebuilt the greenline range of machines with authentic parts and is supplied with original toner and warranty of a brand-new machine. Our green printing company helps you to transform every element of your system and manage your resources and materials, smartly and sustainably.

A way to transform our system

Do you wish to transform your business economy into one which has no waste, evenly distributed resources, and regenerated nature? The best way to do so is by bringing a revolutionary change with green printing solutions. It enables you to experience a circular economy, which equips you to tackle climate change and address necessary social needs together. With the right solutions in place, you can gain the power to grow jobs, prosperity and resilience. At MBE, we are proud to offer unrivaled green print technologies that contribute to a more circular economy for businesses.

Re manufactured Toner

GM is our partner and is the first green printing company, that has the credit of developing an industrial process to manufacture the R-OEM copier toner on a large scale. With the successful aid of partners like MBE, GM is now remanufacturing more than 50,000 toner cartridges per month. Helping organizations maintain the best eco-friendly printer our R-OEM remanufactured original toner cartridges are the best alternatives to reduce your printing cost. Using our green print technologies is a win-win 2-in-1 solution as it allows 1 less cartridge to be produced, and 1 less is thrown into the landfill.

Recycled Toner Bottles

At MBE, we recycle and reuse 100% original toner bottles, making them sustainable. We fill these toner bottles with reclaimed original toner. When it is not feasible, we fill the toner bottles with the highest quality Japanese toner powder, making it efficient green printing solutions provided by us.
origial toner


At MBE, all our green printing technologies and Greenline refurbished machines arrive in recycled cardboard, which is disposed of by us at our green recycling bins, for further recycling. The process itself helps us in developing as one of the best eco-friendly printing companies that supply products in recycled cardboard boxes. At our premise, polystyrene is also separated from the general waste, ensuring to help its repurposed for the construction business.

Customer Toner Recycling Programme

At Munster Business Equipment, we provide our customers with detailed opportunities to join the circular economy club. Our green printing solutions include the toner bottle recycling service. You can drop your empty toners at our office or you can store them on your site, and send it to us once or twice every year. With our green print technologies in use, we refill and reclaim your OEM toner for resupplying to the market, which reduces the use of single-use plastics.

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