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Why Black And White Digital Printers Are Perfect For High Volume Printing?

Coloured documents help to draw more attention from readers by producing copies in vivid colours. But, there’s nothing better than black and white printers when it comes to getting bulk copies.

To say it simply, colour printers are great for personal uses, i.e. to print one or a few copies whenever needed! Black and white digital printers are ideal for your professional space or office where you constantly need to print documents, and that too in high volume. in simple terms, there are different types of printers available to cater to various printing needs.

In offices, documents such as correspondence, proposals, reports, instructions, and invoices hardly need coloured inks. Using a colour printer thus makes no sense to print them. So, monochrome printers or black-and-white printers aren’t just logical to use in offices but are also cost-efficient.

While monochrome printers are an economical choice for bulk printing, let’s here unravel some more advantages of them. In this blog, you will also learn about the crucial tips to choose the best black and white printers and ways to improve your digital print shots. Take a look.

What Are Black And White Printers?

Monochrome or black and white printers are indispensable office equipment required for day-to-day tasks! It is a common sight in almost all offices. Some office spaces have a separate corner or room for printing tasks that require printing copies of large volumes every day. Before you know about the widespread use of monochrome printers, know what a monochrome printer is.

What’s a Monochrome Printer?

Monochrome or black and white printers are a type of printer that use only jet black ink to print documents, whether it comprises texts, graphics, images, or photographs. They are typically preferred to colour printers for their cost-efficiency and bulk printing capacity. They are the first choice of printers for businesses or offices because they can print hundreds of copies faster, without hampering the text quality.

There are many benefits of colour printers too like they are good at printing digital photographs or marketing materials for businesses. Black and white printers, on the other hand, may not be as versatile as them, but they have several advantages.

Here are the key perks of using monochrome printers in your office instead of colour printers.

Advantages of Using Monochrome Printers

  • Lowered printing costs

Colour printers are no doubt expensive to purchase and operate. It is obviously because of their feature to print documents in colour for which they need a lot of coloured inks. They use black and three-colour cartridges whereas monochrome printers just use the black cartridge. For this reason, the Cost Per Copy or CPC is higher for colour printing.

Also, black and white printers do not need frequent replacement of cartridges while colour printers need many toners and frequent replacements.

So, naturally, black and white printers end up being less expensive than colour printers.

  • Faster printing speed

A noteworthy advantage of a black and white digital printer can print faster even if there are hundreds of pages. Its Pages Per Minute (PPM) is comparatively much lower than that of its colour counterpart. You can buy a colour printer with a higher PPM but, that would be a bit pricey.

  • Cost per page

The cost per page is a major concern for offices when they have bulk printing needs regularly. If their printers have a higher cost per page, it will subsequently raise their overall printing costs. Calculating the cost per page is easier too. It is the price of toner divided by the number of pages it can print.

In terms of cost per page too, the monochrome printers get a thumbs up. They do not use the colour toner cartridge which is quite expensive and required to print colourful texts or graphics. Contrary to this, monochrome printers just use the black cartridge and so, have a lower cost per page.

  • Prints widespread documents

While colour printers are known for their capability to print copies that look interesting and lively, monochrome printers have widespread applications in professional environments. Colour printers are mainly used for photographs, school presentations, science projects, literature, and certain marketing materials. So, colour printers are mostly used for rare purposes or personal uses.

Whereas monochrome printers are used for printing memos, business reports, receipts, invoices, data-based documents, company policies, process manuals, sales records, training manuals, etc. These documents need to be printed continuously and regularly in volume and monochrome printers let you do that, easily and instantly.

How To Choose The Best Black And White Digital Printers For Perfect Prints?

If you need black and white printers for your office space, the big question is how to choose the perfect devices. Technically, you should consider these few things to choose the best monochrome printers.

  • Higher quality output

When buying a monochrome printer, the quality of output must be the prime concern. The quality depends on the dot per inch or dpi resolution. The higher the dpi of your printer, the clearer will be the texts or graphics on the document. They will appear sharper on the documents while a printer with lower dpi will print blurry output.

Apart from dpi, another factor that determines the output quality is the inkjet or laser. Black and white laser printers result in superior quality output because of the pigment applied to the paper. The output comes out dry, which results in clearer and sharper texts or images. On the other hand, there are chances of the output getting smudged in the case of inkjet printers.

For small businesses or offices that need to print only text documents in large quantities, any mid-range monochrome printer is appropriate. For larger businesses that need quality printed output regularly, a monochrome laser printer is required.

  • Printing speed

Since you are buying black and white printers to cater to your office’s bulk printing needs, don’t forget to enquire about their printing speed. Faster printing speed is the biggest advantage of monochrome printers, whether they are inkjet or laser printers.

To know the printing speed of a printer, check its pages per minute (ppm). Both types of monochrome printers typically have a speed of 30 ppm or around. Some of the high-end devices have a speed of up to 100 ppm.

  • Ease of paper handling

This is one of the crucial criteria for picking a monochrome printer is the flexibility in handling the papers. However, this implies flexibility in a lot of aspects of printing. For instance, it should have an expandable paper input capacity. While most monochrome printers generally have an input capacity of 150 pages, bulk printing needs an input capacity of 250 pages or more.

Your office may feel the need for more input capacity when demanding printing tasks increases. So, make sure to buy a monochrome printer with expandable input options, which will prevent you from buying a new printer whenever there is a need for high-volume prints.

A high-end monochrome printer also can print on different papers and not just the usual A4 paper. Offices sometimes need prints on envelopes, small brochures, booklets, and labels. For this, the printer must have the option to insert different types and sizes of paper.

If you need this kind of flexibility in printing, choose a black and white digital printer that allows manual feed with just a few adjustments.

Other features of monochrome printers that make them flexible in paper handling are automatic duplexing (the ability to print on both sides of the paper) and mobile compatibility (the ability to print a document directly from the mobile/tablet using Wi-Fi or network connectivity).

To get black and white digital printers that produce the best prints, make sure to gauge these three vital factors, do some research, and make your choice wisely.

Tips on How to Improve Your Black And White Print Shots to Get High-Volume Printing 

If you have black and white printers in your office that help you print large volumes every day, here are some useful tips to further improve your print shots.

  • Process the digital content 

If it is a photograph or an image that you want to print in black and white, then take some time to process the photo. You can use a photo editing app like Adobe to enhance its sharpness, contrast, and other aspects so that they come out clearer in print copies.

  • Adjust the black-and-white tone

There’s a lot you can do to bring the right black and white tone in your printed copies. It depends on the warmth of the black and grey tones and the brightness of the white tone. Adjust the tone on the editing app to find a proper balance of the black and white tones and get the best shots.

  • Adjust the noise

While low-light shooting is a common trend in the field of digital photography, noise is a crucial consideration. It describes the distortions that come from the film when it can’t handle the light in the photograph. In digital prints, you can see the distortions come as blurriness, grains, and pixelations. To get superior quality print, make sure to clean up noise by reducing the density.

  • Choose the right materials

The quality of print shots also depends on the printing materials, which are paper and ink. Choosing the right paper that will help to print the greatest quality photos and consider darkness (D-max) and thickness of the papers. If you want to preserve the photo shoots getting the acid-free archival paper is recommended. They will never fade the image.

If you are buying a monochrome inkjet, then you need to choose between pigmented ink and dye-based ink. Since, the pigmented inks last longer, they are better choices for photography and professional printing.

Best Black and White Digital Printers

If you are looking for budget-friendly printers for your office use, here are the two best devices for you.

1. PG L2535 – L2540 – L2540plus

PG L2535 L2540 L2540plus printer

The PG L2535- L2540- L2540plus is the latest monochrome laser printer which is compact in size and robust in use. Its speciality lies in high-speed printing, which makes it the perfect printer for bulk requirements in commercial spaces.

Some of the notable features of this printer are:

  • Printing speed up to 35- 40 ppm
  • High-printing resolution up to 1.200 DPI
  • The time for the first printout is 7 seconds
  • The duplex unit is a standard

Advantages of using PG L2535 – L2540 – L2540plus printer

The PG L2535 – L2540 – L2540plus printer is a high-grade black and white printer, which can be an essential part of your printing room because of the following advantages.

  • Equipped with high-standard Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct interfaces.
  • Helpful in minimizing noise pollution during printing.
  • Compatible with AirPrint and Olivetti Mobile print protocols.

2. PG L2645 – L2650 – L2655

PG L2645 - L2650 - L2655 printer

PG L2645 – L2650 – L2655is another world-class printer that knows how to get the job of bulk printing done in a snap! It is extremely easy to install and works smoothly and quietly, no matter the quantities of copies you want to print. This printer is known for its excellent products and high-quality prints.

This printer is one of the best choices for office printing purposes for the following features.

  • Exceptional printing speed
  • Resolution in print up to 1200×1200 DPI
  • Faster printout for the first time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Enhanced data security
  • Supports mobile printing and has Wi-Fi support

Advantages of using PG L2645 – L2650 – L2655 printer

PG L2645 – L2650 – L2655 is one of the best-quality monochrome printers available today and is helping widespread offices to meet their demanding printing needs. The following advantages make them one of the best choice printers!

  • This trio of A4 monochrome printers (PG L2645, PG L2650, and PG L2655) comes with a pleasant cream exterior shade.
  • It has a dark-coloured paper-out tray that ensures the security of confidential prints.
  • It is equipped with a standard security tool kit that ensures data encryption and deletion features for overwriting.
  • Designed with all the latest features, this printer is truly extraordinary and capable of A5 format printing as well as banner printing quickly.
  • Since it consumes low energy and prints faster, it helps offices substantially reduce their printing costs and is apt for any workspace.

Get High-Quality Black and White Digital Printers at Munster Business Equipment!

Simply put, you don’t always need colourful prints to get your message understood by all. Also, colour printers aren’t the only ones ensuring high-quality prints. Black and white printers kept ruling the office environments for their incessant capabilities to print copies in bulk at a faster speed.

So, that is it! High speed, high volume capacity, and cost-efficiency make black-and-white digital printers shine in the commercial world now and in the future.

If your office needs avant-garde monochrome printers for printing text-based and data-based documents in bulk, buy the black and white printer from Munster Business Equipment. It is a leading office equipment supplier in Ireland and has been known for providing efficient printing equipment that helps offices save money big time!