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Top 10 Benefits Of Using A Photocopier In Office

Businesses have a lot to look into for scoring high profits. Being a company owner is no easy task. You might have to go above and beyond to ensure that your workplace is loaded with all the necessary equipment. This should let you or the office staff conduct daily procedures smoothly. There are various types of equipment in the market for offices. But having a humble photocopier in office makes everything quite easy.

There is no doubt that there are an endless number of photocopiers available in the market with several benefits. You could get extremely confused while deciding to purchase. A buyer should always research thoroughly before buying a copy machine for their workplace.

To help you out, we give you an idea about photocopiers, their different types, their advantages for your office and what to consider before actually buying one. Scroll down and help yourself from here on!

What Is A Photocopier?

A photocopier often called a copy machine, is a straightforward yet quite useful device. It duplicates documents more quickly than a computer printer. Since its creation, the device has advanced significantly to include features other than just copying. The most modern and sophisticated models of photocopy machines use toners and have characteristics comparable to those of laser printers.

People utilize photocopiers in the office and other places frequently, and this has created significant benefits. It is an important asset if you own a company and need to print and copy papers constantly.

Therefore, carefully analyse the qualities of each photocopy to make the best choice before purchasing.

 Types of Photocopiers

There is a wide range of functions that distinct photocopier types may perform for their consumers. That’s why there are multiple categories for photocopiers.

We shall emphasize the qualities of the most popular types of photocopy machines and the applications to which they are best suited.

  • Multifunction Photocopier

Copier technology has advanced throughout time to the point that they can now print, fax, scan, copy front and back, duplicate colour pictures, punch papers with three holes, and do a variety of other tasks.

By preventing employees from spending important time on pointless chores, multifunction fax machines operate in a manner that renders firms more economical and boosts job efficiency and staff output. You can look for such photocopiers for the office and get optimal results.

  • Black & White Photocopier

Initially, when the copy machine was invented, it was limited to only black-and-white results. This is the standard model that’s used in businesses, schools and offices a lot.

If you go by the cost, this one is the cheapest B/W photocopy machine. But the cost may vary because of the size if you consider capacity and workload expectations.

  • Colour Photocopy Machines

Colour copying machines are the ones that create coloured duplicates and also black and white copies too. Did you know that colour copy machines generally use 4 main colours? They are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This allows them to make several colours in those spectrums.

Small offices may use colour copiers where not much printing and copying is required daily.

  • A3 Photocopiers

Offices often have an A4 copier since it is conventional however in some workplaces, promotional materials, worksheets, and brochures must be printed and copied using an A3 photocopying machine.

A3 copiers are a little bit bigger and have a bit more functionality than A4 copiers.

  • Desktop Photocopier

Desktop photocopiers for offices are usually A4-only copiers. It can fit on a desktop. It either has multifunctional features or very basic ones. They usually have a small tray size and a slower scanning speed than their larger competitors. But other than that, they are essentially identical to the larger copiers in terms of functionality.

In any case, this kind of copier is excellent for medium and small organisations where regular high-volume printing and duplicating occur.

  • Office Photocopier

This is often a huge photocopier and can produce loads of paper quickly. Scan, duplicate and fax are just a few of the many functionalities available on office copiers. Such copiers can come with sophisticated functions like classifying documents, hole-punching, stapling, and binding too!

  • Digital Photocopiers

Contemporary photocopiers, or digital photocopiers, have replaced analogue photocopiers.

These machines are multipurpose, which means they have a bigger paper capacity and can scan, print, fax, and xerox. Large offices can use digital copiers to gain efficient results.

  • Network Photocopier

A networked photocopying machine is perfect for an office setting where many computers are linked to a single photocopier.

All of the customers or staff in an office may remotely scan and copy their papers using this kind of machine, which is linked via a network. It makes the work easier and fast.

  • Inkjet Photocopiers

The finest inkjet copiers are used in home offices, light copying environments, and workplaces with infrequent copy machine usage.

The print resolution, or quality per se of this kind of copier, can be rather poor. The process of copying is a little slower than other copy machines. This one is not for the usual office environment so decide according to your requirements.

  • Wireless Photocopiers

Recently, several photocopiers come with pre-existing wireless technology. They have transceivers that let them correspond with a nearby local wi-fi network.

Such photocopiers can come with fitted wi-fi modules instead of a conventional network card that connects the photocopier to a wired LAN network. It makes no such difference in the connection and communication between the computer and the copier.

These were a few types of photocopiers for offices that you can look into. You have infinite choices, with features like wireless, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity, hole punching, stapling, binding, touch screen display, duplex printing/scanning, and image editing. If you choose the right one, it can be the best business printing solution in Ireland.

What Are The Top 10 Benefits Of Photocopiers?

If you run an office or own a business, you know how, even a small gadget helps in little manners. Photocopiers have been the mother of all necessities for various firms. It has created a huge influence on businesses in unique ways. So let’s read about the top 10 advantages of using a photocopier in an office-

1. Use Conveniently 

The biggest benefit of using a photocopier is its convenience. It can produce many copies of a paper quickly. It is simple to use. So what more do you want from the ever-evolving technology today?

Photocopiers may be used without any basic technical skills and are quite simple to use. The device is simple to use—all you need to do is turn it on and click a button. The gadgets will produce your requested amounts of copies automatically.

You can copy the documents in either a bigger or smaller size than the original. You may duplicate papers at any time by placing this device in your home office or even at your place of work.

2. Maximum Output At Lesser Cost

The main benefit of utilising a copier is the ability to make copies of documents relatively immediately and inexpensively.

You can print any type of document as many times as you want. A person wouldn’t be able to imagine how quickly the photocopy machine can replicate paper.

You may get them for less money despite their lightning-fast pace. They can print roughly 100 pages each minute. This is a valuable benefit for offices that require constant printing and copying.

3. Highest Flexibility

Various photocopiers can also function as scanners and laser printers in addition to making copies. The picture quality improves seven times as a result of the dual features. Such modern devices may save an awful lot of space in your company because they are built with all the innovative features.

4. Boosts Productivity

If you incorporate the latest copy device for your business, you cater to every task and requirement. There’s no need to step out when you have the gadget in your own office. This means you save time and get official paperwork done smoothly. Expect no delays or other obstacles. Therefore, this boosts the productivity levels of the company and also creates efficient employees.

5. Double Side Printing

What is double side printing? It is when you can print one page on both sides using the photocopy device. The ability to print on both sides expedites the procedure and reduces the cost per copy by reducing the amount of paper needed for each copy. What’s more? It saves paper wastage, which makes it eco-friendly too.

6. Minimizes the Use of Papers 

Regardless of how paradoxical this statement may sound, the correct copier machine assists the workplace in becoming paperless. It saves as much paper as possible. It can do it through either scanning a digital folder or email.

7. Creates Professional Presentations

The quality of a presentation may either make or ruin your relationship with a prospective client. You could have worked hard to put up the best graphics, content, and data layout. But, the aesthetic product that you are eventually delivering is what matters the most. A good presentation on the finest paper would surprise a client.

When used properly, the photocopier may assist you in printing the highest-quality papers you require to wow your clients and protect your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

8. Increases Security

Nowadays, printers come with security systems that make sure your documents are safe. This is because your office may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The printing and copying process of cheques, banknotes, bonds and stock valuation papers need proper security. The network and your personal information are accessible to cybercriminals if your printer is left unattended. Hence, finding a photocopy device that has security functions helps the business run risk-free.

9. Business Owners Can Lease or Purchase Photocopiers

Business owners have two alternatives when it comes to workplace copiers: to lease or to buy. Each has unique benefits and drawbacks, giving entrepreneurs some degree of choice.

  • Leasing

    The advantage of leasing a photocopy device is that businesses that need printing can avoid the problems of depreciation. It offers cheap initial expenditures and eases the problems of reselling or disposing of it. But, leasing also involves signing papers and entails interest (which often leads to greater long-term expenditures).

  • Purchasing

    A piece of copy equipment is less costly to purchase. Long upkeep fixes and agreements are avoided, and enterprises can recover some expenditures when the asset is sold. The drawbacks of purchasing a copier include startup costs, ongoing costs for replacing defective pieces, and longevity.

Despite the advantages and factors, this option provides entrepreneurs with the freedom to choose the course that is ideal for their organisation.

10. Create Brochures And Cards

Do you intend to publish notices for consumers or staff members? Consider utilising business cards or pamphlets.

You can complete anything from the convenience of your workplace with the correct copier. A photocopier gives the option to produce professional results without the inconvenience of buying from third parties. From gratitude cards to educational books, create anything, anytime.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Photocopier For Your Business 

When purchasing a photocopy machine, you have to consider a few things in detail. In this section, we talk about the things you should consider before buying such a device. Let’s read ahead-

  • Monthly Copy Requirements

Determine the monthly copying needs. It will help you get the right kind of photocopy model. When thinking about buying a business photocopier, predict how much use it has and then decide based on that. Business printers are often divided into volume groups instead of focusing on the real quantity. Low volume, high volume, mid volume, and office space automation equipment are some of the classifications. There is also something called SOHO (small office, home office) for sporadic usage. Get to know the models under these categories and decide on one.

  • Print Speed And Quality For Office Needs

Said as the number of pages per minute (PPM), this is typically one of the first needs considered when thinking about buying a new workplace copy system. Moreover, the copy volume and copy speed are correlated with quicker commercial printers, often having a higher copy volume. Look into the speed and quality for the best photocopy results.

  • Scanning Features- Coloured or B/W?

We would suggest a wireless network-connected copier machine with a touchscreen facility. But there are many other features you have to consider. One is whether you need only a black and white or coloured copier system. It depends on your business needs. Analyze it and then pick one.

  • Compatibility with Other Systems

Corporate networks are intricate systems made up of many different elements. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure the photocopier equipment will operate with your current systems. Check with it before adding network-capable workplace automation equipment. You will usually find the compatibility options on the product brochure. You should read them carefully.

  • Budget

Of course, the budget is a crucial thing to consider. However, several market analyses have shown that consumers don’t always focus on it. There are endless suppliers in the market from where you can buy such machines. Because of the budget, you should also know about the essential office equipment supplier‘s importance in Ireland. It helps maintain a standard, provides safety and helps you to choose a model. Look into different perspectives and then buy one.

Final Words

Office photocopier is an essential item for the overall functionality of a business. The workplace lags when there are no updated and feature-rich devices. It affects the reputation and efficiency of the firm.

For remarkable professionalism and growth, take the right decision with Munster Business Equipment, the leading company for the best business printing solutions in Ireland. Expect reliable service to make a huge difference to your office. With photocopiers of different types available, receive the finest at cost-effective rates.